By devoting up to 5% of our payroll to training our teams in certain activities, we are always looking to increase our employees' business and managerial skills, to adapt to changing expectations and behaviour from customers

Training certified ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas for our "Duty-Free & Luxury"

sales teams and by AFAQ for our "Travel Essentials" and "Foodservice" managers, to ensure a common standard throughout our networks

Specific training to enhance the ''sales'' skills of shop staff and

team managers

Deployment of a service quality standard, OSCAR, in all "Duty-Free & Luxury"

commercial networks, with the setting up of an annual challenge. Each letter of OSCAR describes a type of behaviour to adopt vis-à-vis the customer throughout the sale: a welcoming attitude, combined with sales know-how (Open, Smiling, Considerate, Accompanying and Recognising with a 'thank you')

Implementation of a six-monthly Quality Contest for our "Travel Essentials" and

"Foodservice" activities - a real commercial leverage and a catalyst for team motivation

Performance measured by visits from mystery shoppers

Controlling hygiene is a priority enabling us to guarantee consumer protection and to meet

regulatory requirements.

This hygiene control involves:

o Definition, transmission to our teams and implementation of specific procedures
o Development of a Hygiene Control Help Manual, in collaboration with the company Silliker,
    a reference body for food hygiene control, which serves as a point of reference for hygiene
    procedures at Lagardère Travel Retail France
o The presence of a hygiene contact in all our units
o Initial training certified under ISO 9001
o Regular internal and external quality/hygiene control
o Microbiological controls and hygiene audits conducted by Silliker, with results which exceed
    the French national average by ten points
o Regular, ongoing training, carried out either by internal teams, or with the help of outside
o An organisational structure which allows each individual involved (from the sales points to
    the head office) to actively participate in the hygiene control process
o A "food crisis management" process which is preventively tested each year across the

Use of an ERP which has already been integrated into our "Duty-Free

& Luxury" activities and deployed for our other activities, to drive our performance in the best possible way (centralised and integrated system to guarantee the quality and transparency of data, refined results analysis)

Logistics to manage more than 45,000 JIT references, limiting

stocks and avoiding stockouts (automation of store and supplier restocking, automation of replenishment from suppliers based on future stock flow forecasts).

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